Oppo Reno 7

OPPO, which took advantage of the chances that Huawei lost after losing its weight in the sector due to US sanctions, is currently the fifth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Continuing to meet the users with its new products in this direction, the company is preparing to showcase the OPPO Reno 7 series in the future.
As it is known, the Reno 7 series has been on the agenda for a long time with various leaks and claims. While some sources claim that the series will come with two models, others argue the opposite.

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It should be noted that all the details about the series have been finalized recently. A leak that emerged in the past days claimed that the Pro + model will not be included in the Reno 7 series. He even stated that standard and Pro devices will come with serious upgrades in screen, camera and processor instead.
However, a new report from sources close to the company revealed that this claim is partially true, but that the series will again come with three models. At this point, it was stated that the new smartphone that will meet users instead of Pro + in the series will be the affordable Reno 7 SE.

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In addition, important details about the technical features of the phones were also shared. OPPO Reno 7 features
Reno 7, which is expected to come with a 6.5-inch FHD + resolution curved OLED panel, comes to the user with a 90 Hz refresh rate. The smartphone is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 processor. Produced with 6 nm architecture, the processor incorporates the Mali-G77 chip, along with the A-78 core main core running at 3.0 GHz, three A78 cores at 2.6 GHz and power-efficient A55 cores running at 2.0 GHz.


8 GB on the memory side. and 12 GB LPDDR4x RAM, Reno 7 comes with two different internal storage options, 128 GB and 256 GB.
While there is a 32 Megapixel selfie camera located in the upper left corner of the screen on the front, the triple camera setup with OIS supported 50 Megapixel main, 16 Megapixel ultra wide angle camera and 2 Megapixel portrait sensor welcomes us.
While the device is powered by a 4,500 mAh battery with 65W fast charging support, which can be charged via USB-C, face recognition technology and under-screen fingerprint reader are preferred as a security method.


Technology company Facebook has announced that it will partner with BMW for the Aria project. Yesterday, the social media giant changed its name to ‘Meta’ and announced its new projects. It is working on its AR (augmented reality) enabled, AI (artificial intelligence) supported smart glasses called Project Aria. Finally, in a statement, the company stated that it plans to test the sensor Project Aria glasses with neural input wristbands and even in cars. Meanwhile, Facebook’s new smart glasses announcement came after a series of confidential documents were leaked. The classified documents in question include worried comments about the company’s child safety and US democracy.

Social media giant Meta has announced a partnership with BMW. Concerns remain about the use of these smart glasses in vehicles. With this project, the company will test the driving experience while wearing smart glasses. By the way, Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories glasses and Google’s Google Glass headset are not recommended while driving. Facebook states that the Aria smart glasses that it will test in partnership with BMW will not be announced immediately. Because Facebook’s AR glasses will probably hit the market a few years later. With such projects, the company aims to blend virtual objects and the real world with artificial intelligence. At the same time, these augmented reality glasses will have cameras that monitor daily activities.

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Andrew Bosworth, vice president of augmented and virtual reality at technology company Facebook, told CNET last year. “In the next year or two, I would be quite surprised to see AR glasses in the industry,” Bosworth said. That’s exactly why we’ve been dealing with years. But I don’t think it will take decades.” said. In other words, Facebook’s AR glasses will not be released in 1-2 years, but it will not take many years. However, Facebook launched its first camera glasses earlier this year. Last year, the company began field testing of Project Aria glasses with more advanced cameras and sensors, but without a screen, with 100 users. The company is demoing the device, but the wrist inserts are not yet available.
Facebook expects the glasses to have its own artificial intelligence to help search for lost items. This may require the need to record and process video. However, Facebook’s request for secure data processing with smart glasses came at a very wrong time. Because after the latest documents, there are serious accusations against Facebook.


Natural Language Process

How can a modern smartphone today take better pictures with a 12MP sensor, a much larger sensor, or a modern mirrorless camera? The answer is simple, artificial intelligence. The most visible part of the impact of AI for the average user in everyday use is just a simple photo shoot. The technology used to achieve and maintain focus and to distinguish between subjects and objects is again artificial intelligence. sekurigi

It unwittingly helps you in shooting photos, recognizing faces, identifying textures, setting the appropriate white balance and exposure, triggering HDR, taking several shots at different exposures, and then performing them one after the other. Yes, the filters you use on your popular social media platforms, artificial intelligence is used to apply these beautiful effects and to detect your face. Qualcomm’s flagship SoC, internally called the “monster,” Snapdragon 888 Plus is so powerful that it can capture 120 12MP images in one second i.e. 2.6 GP (gigapixels). malla espaldera

AI is also responsible for little things that you may not notice while driving, such as triggering different modes or not allowing the user to do certain things while driving. Even the simplest task on a smartphone, phone calls that we use less and less, benefits greatly from artificial intelligence in the way your device captures audio, analyzes it, and reduces noise and echo. Natural Language Processing among other apps, whether your phone can understand what you say and execute commands, or simply take what you say and translate it into another language in real time, the power behind it all remains the same.

Even more impressive is what Qualcomm can do with the Detection Center, where it is constantly aware of developments around the phone and can either notice what the user is doing or simply act accordingly when left on the table. Here is a great example, when the phone is at the table at night, when it recognizes the sound of a child crying, it immediately alerts someone or something.

It is possible to edit photos and videos in the popular instant messaging application WhatsApp. In this content, we explain how to edit your photos and videos separately for both Android and iOS phones.

How to edit photos and videos in Whatsapp? (Android and iOS)
Whatsapp, which is one of the most used social communication and sharing applications in the world with over 2 billion users, has many features. Photo and video editing are also some of these features. For those who do not know in this content, we explain step by step how to edit your photos and videos on Whatsapp. If you wish, without further ado, let’s take a look at what these steps are.

How to edit photos and videos in Whatsapp? (Android)
Tap Camera in the text field.
Take a new photo or video, or use the selector to select one of the photos or videos stored in your phone.
Select the type of content you want to add to the photo or video.
Add stickers or emojis (Android)
Tap Sticker > Sticker or Emoji.
Tap the item you want to use.
Touch and hold and drag the item to move it.
Pinch with two fingers to resize, open to enlarge, and close to shrink.
Pinch and twist to rotate.
Add text (Android)
Tap the Text icon at the top of the screen.
Enter the text you want in the text field.
Slide your finger up and down the color scale to select a color.
Tap the Text icon repeatedly to select a font. Tap the screen to confirm the font you selected.

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Pinch with two fingers to change the text size, open to enlarge and close to shrink.
Pinch and flip to rotate text.
Drawing (Android)
Tap the Drawing icon at the top of the screen.
Make the drawing you want using your finger.
Slide your finger up and down the color scale to select a color. You can choose a different color for each line you draw.



History: The earliest written source containing information about Munich was written in 1158. Therefore, it is accepted that the city was founded in this year. chanterelle

However, archaeological remains unearthed during the expansion of the S-Bahn in 2012 confirmed the views that the origins of the city date back to the 12th century. Although the date of its foundation is uncertain, it is known that the founders of the city were Benedictine monks. dailyday

Munich, which served as an important stop on the trade route established for the salt trade for many years, became the capital of Bavaria, which was reunited in 1506. In 1632, first the Swedish occupation and then the plague epidemic had a very bad effect on the development of the city. netsolution

Munich was able to overcome the negative effects of the occupation and epidemic only when it was declared the capital city again at the beginning of the 19th century. The city was almost completely rebuilt during this period, giving it an architecturally dazzling appearance. heavy news

The people of Munich had to endure difficult processes, as it was the scene of frequent conflicts and political conflicts during the world wars. In the post-war period,

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it was almost completely rebuilt for the second time under the leadership of the United States. After this process, Munich has permanently risen to the position of the city with the highest living standards in Germany. checkergooglerank

Population & Society: According to 2020 data, the population of Munich has approached 1.5 million. If you examine the population structure, you can come across a very colorful profile.

One third of the population of the city is made up of individuals of foreign origin. Unlike in Berlin, the largest immigrant community here is Croats. Turks are in second place. labastide-saint-pierre

Language: Thanks to the high level of education, you can communicate in most parts of Munich by speaking English in addition to German. Of course, you can often come across Turkish speakers while walking around the central points of the city.

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Transportation: There are direct and connecting flights from Turkey to Munich every day of the week. Direct flights to Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport take approximately three hours. Generally, flights operated in the middle of the day on weekdays are more advantageous in terms of price.
After the general information about the city, it was time to tell the ideal periods to travel as always in the Munich travel guide. word-press

If you enjoy vacationing in destinations where you can travel in all seasons, you can give a chance to Munich in the south of Germany. When creating an itinerary for the city, you have to keep in mind that the city has a transition feature between ocean and continental climates. Usinig whatsapp on desktop

The summer season, when the temperatures occasionally rise above 30 °C, stands out as the most preferred period for the Munich holiday. It gets a little difficult to get around in the spring months, as the city is close to the Alps and it rains heavily. 200iso

Despite the absence of heavy snow cover in the winter season, the perceived temperatures around 0 °C reduce the interest in the city a little bit. Regardless of the weather conditions, you can coincide your travel date with the festivals held in the city.

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If you decide to go on a Munich holiday in March, you can take your place as a visitor at Starkbierfest, which is worthy of the nickname “Little Oktoberfest” due to the similarity of its content. While tasting the beers offered to the guests at the festival, do not forget that the alcohol content is very high. metro-montreal

If you intend to get to know Bavarian culture in detail, you may encounter valuable opportunities during Frühlingsfest, which is held in April to celebrate the arrival of spring.

In summer, music-themed events are held all over the city, attracting entertainment lovers. But for travelers looking for authentic experiences, the Kaltenberg Knights Tournament, Tollwood Festival and Kocherlball held in July mean something different. subsaharandrilling

In mid-September, with the start of Oktoberfest, the atmosphere of the city changes almost completely. The Christmas markets, which started to be established in November, make the atmosphere much more colorful.


Health and Cannabis

Marijuana, that is used in critical diseases within the discipline of fitness, is acquired from the cannabis plant. almost all the cannabis plant life are used in extraordinary sectors. we have organized an in depth article approximately hashish produced in our u . s . with permission. what is hemp? What may be crafted from hemp? Is cannabis derived from hemp beneficial? Does marijuana kill? How is marijuana used medicinally? What are the harms of marijuana? Why shouldn’t a healthy individual use marijuana? Is hemp on the list of harmful plants or beneficial flowers? the answer to your questions is in our article with scientific research.
what is hemp? How is hemp used in healthcare?
cannabis is an annual plant genus belonging to the Cannabaceae family. cannabis, that’s used for making yarn, weaving and fabric with its stems, and for making paper with its pulp, is called one of the oldest sources of vegetable uncooked substances in human records, and hashish, that’s acquired from the flower and seed of the cannabis plant and has drug homes, is the most broadly used unlawful substance within the western global. . Cannabidiol
Marijuana use is regularly accompanied with the aid of the usage of different pills, alcohol and tobacco. United international locations workplace on pills and Crime (United nations workplace on drugs and Crime) stated that four of adults in the international use hashish, while this price is 11 (36 million humans) inside the united states of america.
In international locations including Portugal, the Netherlands, and in many states of the united states, the sale and use of those substances in positive quantities has been launched beneath positive guidelines. In Turkey, it was said that 49.1 of instances associated with illegal substances in 2016 had been because of cannabis.


Climate research

Scientists at Yale University and University College London discovered that plants transported from the ocean to land 400 million years ago caused two different changes on Earth. The first of these changes is the decrease in the carbon level in the atmosphere and thus the significant seasonal changes, and the second change is the formation of marine organisms living in the ocean and sea.
Scientists from University College London and Yale University examined samples on rocks that formed over the last three billion years and discovered that after plants set foot on land about 400 million years ago, there was an astonishing change in the earth’s climate and ocean life.

Examining the changes experienced after plants began to grow on land, scientists revealed that the carbon level in the atmosphere decreased thanks to the clay formation on land, and this decrease triggered seasonal changes such as the ice age.

With the transition of plants to land, marine organisms began to form Described as the movement of carbon between rocks, living organisms and the atmosphere, the carbon cycle is seen as the Earth’s natural thermostat as it regulates temperature over very long periods of time. The researchers, who published their research in the scientific journal Nature, started a study to investigate how this carbon cycle changed over a wide period of time and how the carbon level in the air started to decrease 400 million years ago.

The carbon cycle, which was formed only thanks to the clays found in the oceans 00 million years ago, began to form on the rocks with the transition of plants to land, and thus, a significant decrease was observed in the carbon level in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The scientist involved in the research, Dr. Philip Pogge von Strandmann made the following statements about the article they published; “Our work shows that the carbon cycle has fundamentally different working principles in Earth’s history. We think that two interconnected biological developments took place about 400 to 500 million years ago. The first is when plants come out of the ocean to colonize land, and the second is with silicon from ocean water. “The birth of marine organisms that can form a skeleton for themselves. Prior to these changes, the carbon level in the atmosphere was high, but the transition of plants to land paved the way for the first animal formation on land.”