VPN Types

There are three different popular VPN uses today. One of them is VPN systems, which we explain the basic mechanism in the How it works section, for example, VPN systems that allow you to connect from your home computer to the systems, services or your computer in the office. Thanks to these systems, you can enter a remote network as if you were there and make transactions there. You can also do this very safely. here

Cloud SolutionsThe second area of ​​use is the systems that are very common in our country, except for business use, that collect all the traffic and exit to the internet environment from a different location (usually from another country). visit One advantage of this VPN technology is that it works especially well on public networks. For example, there is a wireless network to which you connect with or without encryption. If there is a password, other computers connected to the network, if there is no password, everyone around can see the data flowing here and can create attack vectors for you or the company you work for, using social engineering techniques. The VPN system, which comes into play at this point, provides almost complete security, as it takes the data flowing from your computer or mobile device away from the “sniffing” (sniffing, collecting and analyzing data packets) network and bringing it to the internet. From this point on, you can browse the Internet, synchronize your files in cloud services without showing which service you use, and send files more securely over unsecured FTP services.

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The last type of VPN is specialized systems that save the lives of the players and reduce the server response times (ping) that increase due to misdirection problems. These systems solve the problem of your internet service provider bouncing from point to point without distinguishing the game data, and draw you a shorter route, and they have a noticeable and negative effect especially in multiplayer online games that we call MMO. They may be cheaper or more expensive than previous VPN solutions, but they are often lifesavers, with settings that are constantly updated from game to game.