History: The earliest written source containing information about Munich was written in 1158. Therefore, it is accepted that the city was founded in this year. chanterelle

However, archaeological remains unearthed during the expansion of the S-Bahn in 2012 confirmed the views that the origins of the city date back to the 12th century. Although the date of its foundation is uncertain, it is known that the founders of the city were Benedictine monks. dailyday

Munich, which served as an important stop on the trade route established for the salt trade for many years, became the capital of Bavaria, which was reunited in 1506. In 1632, first the Swedish occupation and then the plague epidemic had a very bad effect on the development of the city. netsolution

Munich was able to overcome the negative effects of the occupation and epidemic only when it was declared the capital city again at the beginning of the 19th century. The city was almost completely rebuilt during this period, giving it an architecturally dazzling appearance. heavy news

The people of Munich had to endure difficult processes, as it was the scene of frequent conflicts and political conflicts during the world wars. In the post-war period,

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it was almost completely rebuilt for the second time under the leadership of the United States. After this process, Munich has permanently risen to the position of the city with the highest living standards in Germany. checkergooglerank

Population & Society: According to 2020 data, the population of Munich has approached 1.5 million. If you examine the population structure, you can come across a very colorful profile.

One third of the population of the city is made up of individuals of foreign origin. Unlike in Berlin, the largest immigrant community here is Croats. Turks are in second place. labastide-saint-pierre

Language: Thanks to the high level of education, you can communicate in most parts of Munich by speaking English in addition to German. Of course, you can often come across Turkish speakers while walking around the central points of the city.

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Transportation: There are direct and connecting flights from Turkey to Munich every day of the week. Direct flights to Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport take approximately three hours. Generally, flights operated in the middle of the day on weekdays are more advantageous in terms of price.
After the general information about the city, it was time to tell the ideal periods to travel as always in the Munich travel guide. word-press

If you enjoy vacationing in destinations where you can travel in all seasons, you can give a chance to Munich in the south of Germany. When creating an itinerary for the city, you have to keep in mind that the city has a transition feature between ocean and continental climates. Usinig whatsapp on desktop

The summer season, when the temperatures occasionally rise above 30 °C, stands out as the most preferred period for the Munich holiday. It gets a little difficult to get around in the spring months, as the city is close to the Alps and it rains heavily. 200iso

Despite the absence of heavy snow cover in the winter season, the perceived temperatures around 0 °C reduce the interest in the city a little bit. Regardless of the weather conditions, you can coincide your travel date with the festivals held in the city.

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If you decide to go on a Munich holiday in March, you can take your place as a visitor at Starkbierfest, which is worthy of the nickname “Little Oktoberfest” due to the similarity of its content. While tasting the beers offered to the guests at the festival, do not forget that the alcohol content is very high. metro-montreal

If you intend to get to know Bavarian culture in detail, you may encounter valuable opportunities during Frühlingsfest, which is held in April to celebrate the arrival of spring.

In summer, music-themed events are held all over the city, attracting entertainment lovers. But for travelers looking for authentic experiences, the Kaltenberg Knights Tournament, Tollwood Festival and Kocherlball held in July mean something different. subsaharandrilling

In mid-September, with the start of Oktoberfest, the atmosphere of the city changes almost completely. The Christmas markets, which started to be established in November, make the atmosphere much more colorful.